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Track Info

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone race at the I-5 QMC? - Yes.  But you must be a QMA member with dues paid and be in good standing with the organization.  You must also have enrolled in and completed the Novice training program.

Can we practice at the track? - The track is not open for practice.  However, there is scheduled playdays and practice before the races on raceday.

How do we join the club? - Visit the contacts page for information.  Also, there is a link in the Get Started section that tells you everything you need to do in order to get started.

When are races held? - Races are held most Saturdays from April through September.  The club also hosts a few two day events.

Do I need my own car to participate? - Yes.  All members are willing to help with questions or anything you may need, but you will need a QMA legal car, engine, and drivers safety gear to participate.

How much will it cost me to get started? - Always a good question.  A good performing used car and engine package can be found for $1,500-2,000.  Newer cars with good history and spare parts will add to that total, and plan on spending a few hundred dollars for some good safety gear.  Better deals can be had by doing some research, planning, and knowing what you are looking for.  Ask questions.  And if you are in doubt, ask another person.  Most QM handlers are honest and want nothing more than for the next generation of drivers to take over their equipment and win with it!  Do not get trapped into buying something that you are not comfortable with or letting someone tell you that your child will grow into it.  The driver needs to be comfortable, and all cars are resalable if taken care of properly.

Will my child have fun? - We have yet to see one who didn't!


Have Fun!  Be Safe!  Race Hard! The I-5 QMC - Where the Legend Begins!



Directions to the Track Map

From I-5 North - Olympia:
Take exit 104 and follow Hwy 8 West towards Aberdeen for 26 miles to Oakville/ Centralia Exit.
At bottom of ramp turn right. Go ¼ mile to stop sign at Main St.
Turn right on Main St. Go 8/10th’s mile to Grays Harbor Fairgrounds sign.
100 feet past the Grays Harbor Fairgrounds sign is a gravel road to your right.
Follow this gravel road, (which parallels paved parking lot) around to the horse barns.
Immediately after reaching the first barn, turn left through the gate and follow road along fence back to the 1/4 midget track.

From I-5 South - Portland:

Take Exit 88 and go West on Hwy 12 towards Rochester/Oakville for approximately 20 miles to Elma.  Turn right on Main St. and go 8/10th's mile to Grays Harbor Fairgrounds sign.  Follow remainder of directions above into Fairgrounds.

Please DO NOT enter the Grays Harbor Raceway Pit area which is straight past the horse barns.

Track Location:
32 Elma-McCleary Rd
Grays Harbor County Fairgrounds
Elma, WA 98541



There is a fee for overnight parking at Grays Harbor Fairgrounds, including our track.  There are 2 options-payable to Grays Harbor Fair:
1. $20 per night, $10 for tents
2. Season pass for $150
(Please Pay In Advance)

I-5 QMC Grays Harbor Fairgrounds Camping Rules
I-5 QMC Camping Reservations Form


Race Fee's

General Racing Info:

1.  Entry fee will be $20.00 per car, for each club race.
2.  Annual utilities fee will be $10.00 for the year - payable at first race you attend.
3.  Treaded tires allowed ONLY on left front, no exceptions.

MANDATORY FUEL: 89 Octane purchased at TOADS convenience station located just West of the Fairgrounds on Main St.




Scroll down for more events and information




Racing Season Information

(subject to changes)

  • Safety and sign-ins are from 7:30 - 9am and the pit meeting is at 9:15.  You need to be signed in by 9am or you start your heat races at the back.
  • Safety will be conducted by the Safety Director
  • Fuel is 89 Octane from the 76 station at 740 E. Main St. (just west of the fairgrounds)
  • Cost is $20 per car and everyone will pay a 1 time-per-year $10 family maintenance fee
  • We'll run 2 sets of heats and 1 set of mains per class
  • Make sure your safety gear is up to date with all of the correct tags in place.  Seat belts have a 2 year expiration, Hans devices have a 5 year expiration

Rain Out Policy

we usually won't call the races off until it's obvious we won't be able to get the races in.  We won't call them off based on the forecast but will wait until rain is falling and the track is saturated beyond repair.  If we do call the races off, we will send out an email, post it on the club's Facebook page, and send a message to the club's Webmaster who will post it on the club's website.

  • In the event we start signing cars in and then the races rain out, you will receive a full refund of your entry fee.
  • In the event we start the first heat race but haven't started the first main, you will receive 50% of your sign in fees back.  In addition, all classes that have been completed will receive points earned up to that point.
  • In the event the green flag drops on the first A main, no refunds of entry fees will be given.  Points will still be awarded for heat races in the classes that have been completed.
  • Showing up and signing in will count towards the 5 race minimum in order to qualify for end of season awards.
  • A race day is considered complete once the green flag drops on the first A main (no make-ups).
  • If a race rains out, the make-up race will be the first available make-up date on the schedule.


The Winter TaQM Day is scheduled for January 27th

2018 Try A Quarter Midget Day

Information Flyer here

Quarter Midget Swap Meet Information here

2018 8th Annual WINTER BLAST

January 28th @ the Grays harbor Fairgrounds Pavilion

Information Flyer here

Check the Winter Blast page for the list of past winners




Check the schedule page or calendar for details on these great events!  It's a wonderful service and opportunity provided by the members if the I-5 QMC to give all children ages 5-16 the chance to get in a quarter midget and take a few laps!  Be careful though!  Once they are buckled in, they're hooked on racing!

Check the club web site Events Page or the club Facebook site for upcoming events

Below is an email sent to Pres Kyle White from a family that came to the ride day.  This is what makes QM racing so great!

My kids and I would like to thank you and your club for putting on a great event on Saturday! Our family is in the beginning stages of getting our 3 kids into racing. They have all expressed interest in getting into the sport and we wanted to let them experience sitting in the cars before we spend the money to purchase one.

Plain and simple, we all had a blast! All 3 kids have been bitten by the racing bug hard, and that makes this former racing mama very happy! Your club was very friendly and professional. I greatly appreciated the care taken to ensure safety for everyone. Even though you were all quite busy keeping things flowing smoothly, one of your members did take a few moments to answer questions about how quarter midget racing has been for their family and gave a general idea of their average expenses. You have a very nice facility, and it is obvious that there is a great amount of club pride.

Thanks again for a great experience and to opening your club up to the public! You may be hearing from us soon!