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News History


Welcome to the I-5 QMC Web Site.  Here you will find news and information about the history and current events with the I-5 QMC.

There are several goals we set out to accomplish in building and maintaining this site, including:

*fresh look

*improve navigation and administration duties

*archive club, driver, and event history

The site will continue to be a work in progress with the addition of club history, pictures, and information.  You will be able to find the most recent updates by looking to the left side of the front page where the most recent additions to the web site are listed.  That is where you will also find any quarter midget events listed in the calendar link.  Also, do not forget to check out the I-5 QMC Facebook site for the fastest club news and updates.  You can easily access the FB site by clicking on the FB logo on the front page.

Go to the Pictures/Menu Button on the front page and take a stroll through the galleries to see how the I-5 QMC developed, and look for your favorite drivers!  More photos to come too!

The driver results and awards links are still in progress, so if you see something missing and you know the information, please pass it along by contacting the web site administrator on the contacts page.  Also - it is important to us that all the drivers names are spelled correctly.  Please notify us if you see an error.

Thank you, and we hope you enjoy the web site and the I-5 QMC - Where the Legend Begins! .....at the Grays Harbor Mini Raceway


The Mudslinger Shootout

Do you ever wonder where the name of one of the I-5 QMC's premier events originated?


In 2002, member and former President Dan Press suggested that the I-5 QMC needed to have an event on the schedule that would identify the club to the QMA community.  Having attended such events as the Scotty Key in Valejo, the Winternationals in Primm, and other historic events, Dan saw the potential for the I-5 club to develop itself with a stand alone event.

The members of the club agreed, and with help from a few companies over the years, the event quickly became a must attend event.  The drivers would vie for one of the prestigious custom embroidered leather jackets awarded to each class winner.  In addition, in the early years, U.S. Savings Bonds were distributed to the top finishers, and the Mudslinger Shootout was born.  Marquee Lopez is credited for coming up with the event name, and it continues to be a weekend that many Region 9 teams put on their race schedule.  It has also been attended by teams from as far away as Montana!

Visit the Results tab on the web site front page to see who the past winners of the event are, and make plans to be part of this great event, that for 2012, will be starting it's second decade of inviting everyone to the I-5 QMC for a shootout..................................

The Mudslinger Shootout with the I-5 QMC at the Grays Harbor Mini Raceway!


The Dusty Times Newsletter

Before the advent of web sites for quarter midget clubs, were printed newsletters that were mailed out to the memberships.  While slower than the current form of news via emails and the Internet, they were a great way to preserve the information that was shared with club members and other QMA clubs.  When the I-5 QMC decided to start a newsletter, we came up with the best name that we thought fit the club.  Other Region 9 clubs had newsletters with names like "The Gas-Line" for Portland, "Talecone" for Little-Wheels, and "HotWheels" for the Washington club.

While the dirt club venue was sometimes more muddy than dusty, the distinct name chosen for the club newsletter "The Dusty Times", let everyone know where the news was coming from.  This is why you will see the Dusty Times banner across the front page of the web site.  History and heritage is contained all over the world and since the beginning of time with words scrolled on tablets.  The Dusty Times is where the news and information for the I-5 QMC is contained.  It is a moniker the members of the only dirt track in Region 9 wear proudly.

Stay in tune with The Dusty Times for upcoming news and information.  You may even see an appearance from our old friends Benton Axel, Jerry Riggs, and Sharon Detrak, as they try to figure out how to get the most out of a quarter midget!