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Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone race at the I-5 QMC? - Yes.  But you must be a QMA member with dues paid and be in good standing with the organization.  You must also have enrolled in and completed the Novice training program.

Can we practice at the track? - The track is not open for practice.  However, there is scheduled playdays and practice before the races on raceday.

How do we join the club? - Visit the contacts page for information.  Also, there is a link in the Get Started section that tells you everything you need to do in order to get started.

When are races held? - Races are held most Saturdays from April through September.  The club also hosts a few two day events.

Do I need my own car to participate? - Yes.  All members are willing to help with questions or anything you may need, but you will need a QMA legal car, engine, and drivers safety gear to participate.

How much will it cost me to get started? - Always a good question.  A good performing used car and engine package can be found for $1,500-2,000.  Newer cars with good history and spare parts will add to that total, and plan on spending a few hundred dollars for some good safety gear.  Better deals can be had by doing some research, planning, and knowing what you are looking for.  Ask questions.  And if you are in doubt, ask another person.  Most QM handlers are honest and want nothing more than for the next generation of drivers to take over their equipment and win with it!  Do not get trapped into buying something that you are not comfortable with or letting someone tell you that your child will grow into it.  The driver needs to be comfortable, and all cars are resalable if taken care of properly.

Will my child have fun? - We have yet to see one who didn't!


Have Fun!  Be Safe!  Race Hard! The I-5 QMC - Where the Legend Begins!