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Novice Training

Article Courtesy of Quartermidgets.org & QMA National

Dear New QMA Family,
Welcome to the incredible sport of quarter midget racing! Your family is now a part of
one of the “best kept secrets” in all of youth sports. As a member of your local club
QMA club you are also now part of Quarter Midgets of America. As 1 of over 4,000
QMA drivers across the country your child will now have the opportunity to experience
things no other sport can offer.

First and foremost is the fun, racing side by side lap after lap with their soon to be friends
will be a blast. More importantly though will be the lessons in sportsmanship and
teamwork. The best part of all is that your team is your family; no other sport can bring
families together like quarter midget racing.

As we get started with your experience in the next few weeks please remember that every
one of us in this sport started exactly where you are right now, at the beginning. Some
families that start have a background in racing, for others this is their very first
experience. Some have incredible mechanical abilities and others are just learning. Our
clubs exist for all of those families and you will soon see that your club is about helping
each other every step of the way.

Getting started you will have lots of questions but you will also have lots of time to have
them answered. Session after session we will add more and more that you need to know
but feel free to ask any questions you have as we go along as well. The only bad
questions will be those that don’t get asked. I very much look forward to working with
your drivers and yourselves over the next several weeks. Welcome to QMA!!


Link to I-5 QMC Handbook: http://i-5qmc.com/NOVICE_TRAINING.rtf

Link to QMA Novice Info: http://www.quartermidgets.org/Novice_Program.html

Link to QMA Judging Info: http://quartermidgets.org/Article_View_Search_Results.asp?ID=1408&keyword=judging+procedures