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Home The I-5 QMC Locations


Jackson Prairie Speedway -1998 to Mid2000

The I-5 QMC started out racing at Jackson Prairie Speedway near Chehalis, WA in 1998.  The beautiful and consistent red clay made for a perfect racing surface, and with owner Jamie Guenther's help, the members learned how to work the clay surface to perfection.  The only drawback was having to tear down and put back up the track layout every week, as the quarter midget track was placed inside of the Speedways main go-kart track.  In Mid 2000, the club decided a change was in order.


Vader -Mid2000 to 2003

Dan & Bonnie Press opened up their arms and welcomed the club to build a track beside their home just outside of Vader, WA.  A more beautiful and serene setting could not be had, with the 25 acre site surrounded by trees and a rustling river, it was not uncommon for the racers to be greeted by a roaming herd of Elk as they made their way to the banks of the river for a drink.  The move to Vader was a test for the club, with a mid-season move, and getting all of the fencing and buildings erected, it was the first time the club had an enclosed tower to score out of!  The volunteers never skipped a beat, and were able to complete the entire 2000 season.  For three and a half seasons, the club enjoyed the beginnings of a place to call home.  The end of 2003 would test the club once again.


Grays Harbor Mini Raceway -2004 to Present

The stories are documented, the players are well known, and the efforts of an all-volunteer organization came together to build not only a race track, but a facility that was now a large part of the community in which it resides.  The late Fred Brownfield was approached, and without hesitation, welcomed the opportunity to work alongside an organization that was "for the kids". In the middle of Winter, and in just 26 short weeks, the still small group was able to open up a brand new facility to the local community.  Help and support poured in from businesses near and far.  When the Evergreen Auto Racing Association decided to disband and distribute their assets, they chose the I-5 QMC to be a recipient of much of the proceeds.  The leaders of the E.A.R.A. were able to recognize the groups desire to be a part of the local racing scene, and they could not have made a better choice.  Opening day 2004 went off without a hitch, and with much fanfare.  The club had a new beginning, and would set it's sights on something bigger.  It was time to host a National Event, and now they had a facility to do it.


1998 - Mid2000
Jackson Prairie Speedway Chehalis, WA

Mid2000 - 2003
Vader, WA

2004 - Present
Grays Harbor Mini Raceway Elma, WA