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About QMA, Region 9, & the I-5 QMC


Click on any of the logos to find out more about what awaits you in Quarter Midget Racing.  Follow along below as you discover what motorsports best kept secret is all about!


Preview -

The I-5 QMC is the lone dirt track in Region 9, and one of only two QMA quarter midget dirt tracks West of the Mississippi River.  Our association with the membership ran parent organization of Quarter Midgets of America helps the club maintain consistency in racing and equipment rules.  Being associated within Region 9 makes the Northwest a very distinct region with much diversity in track layouts and surfaces.  It is truly a drivers region.



Quarter Midgets of America is a non-profit organization with over 2,500 family memberships and approximately 4,000 drivers.  There are 13 regions in our organization and around 50 clubs Nationwide.  QMA is a family oriented sport that involves racing in specially prepared cars.  The cars, rules, and safety procedures are specifically designed for kids.  They race on oval tracks that are approximately 1/20th of a mile in length.  Any child who is 5 to 16 years of age can race in more than 14 divisions and classes divided up by age, experience, and engine size.  Not only do kids learn valuable skills and sportsmanship, but they also make friendships that last a lifetime.


Region 9 -

Spanning the area of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, & British Columbia, Region 9 boasts 6 facilities from Langley BC to the North, Portland Oregon to the South, and Yakima Washington to the East.  It is the only QMA region with an International flavor by including Langley in the group.  Each track is unique in it's surface and size, making for a challenge to even the most experienced drivers and handlers.  Region 9 has held numerous QMA National events at all but one of the tracks, with the I-5 club bidding on and being awarded the Dirt Grands in 2006 - the first time since it's inception that the event was held West of the Mississippi River.  Region 9 boasts of many National Champion drivers, and many great families ensuring that the next generation of drivers has a place to call home.


I-5 QMC -

Steadfast in their desire to race on dirt, the members of the I-5 QMC come from near and far to test their skills on the small clay oval.  It has often been said that there isn't a child around that doesn't want to slide his car around the corners!  In addition to hosting a Winter Blast Indoor Race, a Summertime Mudslinger Shootout, and a Ride Day where any child can come out and take a turn around the track, the club hosts weekly races that coincide with the big track schedule that is located right next door to the little track.  It is not uncommon to see dads helping sons and daughters race during the day on Saturday, and then dads climbing in their own race cars later that night to compete on the big clay oval known as the Grays Harbor Raceway.  On any given Saturday night from April through September, the fans can witness numerous drivers who have transitioned from the little track as a child, to the big track as a teenager and young adult.  That is a distinction that the I-5 QMC holds proudly.  Fred Brownfield once said: "hook them when they're young, teach them how to race, and turn them over to me when they get old enough, then we'll have racers for life."  The I-5 QMC goes beyond the confines of the Grays Harbor Mini Raceway.


What is Quarter Midget Racing -

A Quarter Midget car is a scaled down version of an actual midget race car.  With tubular 4130 alloy frames, springs or torsion bars, and real race shocks, these are more than your average backyard go-cart.  With several platforms of engines and classes to choose from, you will often see the same child competing in more than one class.  Races are ran by membership volunteers, and instills a sense of responsibility in the children set by example.  Quarter Midget Racing may be the only place where you will see a 5 year old child get out of his race car and hop on his bicycle that still has training wheels.  And right behind him is a 16 year old that is helping him or her learn to ride the bike and then showing his young friend how to go faster on the race track.  Quarter Midget Racing is where life-long friendships are made.


Benefits of Quarter Midget Racing -

There are so many different qualities that kids learn besides how to race.  They truly learn values that will mold and shape them into respectful, confident, hardworking, and conscientious adults.

* They learn the meaning of sportsmanship, to compete fairly, be a good winner, and how to be a gracious loser.

* They learn coordination, sense of timing, and independent thinking.

* They learn self-reliance.  When that green flag drops, they're on their own.

* Spirit of competition - they learn to drive hard, but observe the rules.  They can be disqualified if the rules are not followed.

*  They develop knowledge and appreciation for the mechanical side of racing.

*  They learn safe driving skills.  They learn how to respect a vehicle and when it is appropriate to race and not race.

*  They develop a sense of responsibility, becoming more alert and concerned for the safety of others.

*  It gives them a well-earned sense of pride and accomplishment.  They become more confident after becoming a quarter midget driver.  They have a sense that they belong and could be a factor in helping kids their age make good decisions in their own lives.


Quarter Midget Racing - The Best Kept Secret you'll ever come across!



Grays Harbor Raceway - Elma, WA



QMA National



Region 9 QMA


I-5 QMC - Elma, WA



Little Wheels QMA - Graham, WA



Portland QMRA - Portland, OR



Washington QMA - Monroe, WA



Racing Rascals - Yakima, WA



Langley QMA - Langley, B.C.