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The Dusty Times Newsletter

Before the advent of web sites for quarter midget clubs, were printed newsletters that were mailed out to the memberships.  While slower than the current form of news via emails and the Internet, they were a great way to preserve the information that was shared with club members and other QMA clubs.  When the I-5 QMC decided to start a newsletter, we came up with the best name that we thought fit the club.  Other Region 9 clubs had newsletters with names like "The Gas-Line" for Portland, "Talecone" for Little-Wheels, and "HotWheels" for the Washington club.

While the dirt club venue was sometimes more muddy than dusty, the distinct name chosen for the club newsletter "The Dusty Times", let everyone know where the news was coming from.  This is why you will see the Dusty Times banner across the front page of the web site.  History and heritage is contained all over the world and since the beginning of time with words scrolled on tablets.  The Dusty Times is where the news and information for the I-5 QMC is contained.  It is a moniker the members of the only dirt track in Region 9 wear proudly.

Stay in tune with The Dusty Times for upcoming news and information.  You may even see an appearance from our old friends Benton Axel, Jerry Riggs, and Sharon Detrak, as they try to figure out how to get the most out of a quarter midget!